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 FormFusion Support

Thank you for visiting the FormFusion Support Page!  The following resources have been compiled to help simplify your implementation and maintenance of FormFusion.  You may be prompted to log-in when accessing this information.

 New Installation
Software and Installation Instructions


FormFusion is installed and deployed via our MAPS software. Please visit the MAPS Resource page for software and installation instructions.

Once MAPS is installed, please follow the instructions in the appropriate FormFusion 3.x Installation Guide for further configuration of the components to integrate FormFusion in your host product.


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 Upgrade Information
Release and Upgrade Guides

Product Version Compatibility Matrix
Evisions recommends staying current with the latest releases.  The Matrix details the compatibility across all MAPS Suite products.  As always, you should apply updates in a test environment before moving them into production.

FormFusion Upgrades

FormFusion Release Guides
The Release Guides contain information on what was changed in each version release.

FormFusion 3.x Installation and Upgrade Guide (Banner)

Banner Upgrades
Although FormFusion is not dependent upon the Banner version you are on, there are a couple actions required when upgrading your Banner version.  After the Banner upgrade, new input files should be generated for each process and imported into the FormFusion template.  You will need to ensure that the data is still being mapped correctly with the new input files.  

In addition, the gjajobs.shl file could get overwritten when performing a Banner upgrade.  The gjajobs.shl contains Evisions modifications, which allow Banner to process jobs from Job Submission through FormFusion.   It is recommended that you backup the current gjajobs.shl file before upgrading your Banner server in the event that the gjajobs.shl file gets overwritten during the Banner upgrade. 

Online Live and Recorded Videos

Evisions offers both live and recorded training sessions.  Please visit the Training page for a complete list of training sessions for each product. 

User Guides, Technical White Papers, etc.

 Templates for Banner® by Ellucian

Below are links to some of our most popular FormFusion 3.x templates.  For additional templates, please visit the Co-Op Share.

Please visit the Tax Center for information on the annual tax templates.

 Templates for Colleague® by Ellucian
Below are links to some of our most popular FormFusion 3.0 templates. For additional templates, please visit the Co-Op Share.