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 Argos Support

Thank you for visiting the Argos Support Page! The following resources have been compiled to help simplify your implementation and maintenance of Argos.   

 Installation and Upgrades

Argos is installed and deployed via our MAPS (Multiple Application Platform Server) software. Please visit the MAPS Support page for software and installation instructions. After installation is complete, please return to this section for additional resources.

Argos Release Guides

Argos Upgrades - Best Practices

Product Version Compatibility Matrix
Evisions recommends staying current with the latest releases.  The Matrix details the compatibility across all MAPS Suite products.  As always, you should apply updates in a test environment before moving them into production.


Argos Implementation Guide- identifies the recommended steps to quickly get Argos up and running in your environment.


Argos Security Overview- high-level conceptual document explaining the security capabilities and features of Argos.


Training- Evisions offers both live and recorded training sessions.


In-Product Help– provides user guides and a reference to Argos features. Help can also be accessed within Argos by pressing the F1 key, clicking the Help button in a dialog box, or by selecting Help from the Argos toolbar.


KnowledgeBase– provides answers to common questions.


CO-OP Share– download & upload Argos DataBlocks.


CO-OP Forums– collaborate with peers and receive announcements from Evisions regarding product updates.


Evisions Blog- read acticles from the experts