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Organizations need the ability to communicate complex data quickly and effectively.  This optional Interactive Charts Advanced Feature allows all users to retrieve, view and analyze the data they need in order to gain better insight into daily operations.  Users can easily look at summarized high level data and quickly identify trends affecting the organization. Users have the ability to “drill down” to greater levels of detail, customize the view based upon their specifications and utilize visualizations such as gauges, pie charts, bar graphs, candle plots - over 40 different chart types.

Interactive Charts can attach to many different databases to show statics from different sources at one time. With the use of the optional API feature, Interactive Charts can be securely accessed from anywhere, by any user, through a web page or portal making the data accessible to all that need it.

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Interactive ChartsClick here to download the Argos Interactive Charts data sheet.

Budget Level 2
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  Interactive Charts can be customized to individual roles, so employees can easily monitor relevant data at a glance, enabling them to better manage their department.


Budget Level 3
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  Users can click on the graphs to drill through to lower levels of information.


Year to Date Level 2
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  Interactive Charts allow users to view data using a variety of visualizations including: Gauges, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, Line and Candle Plots and many others. Each object can also be "clickable", allowing users to drill-through for more detailed analysis.


Year to Date Level 3
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  Interactive Charts are increasingly being utilized to help maximize institutional performance. Users can view interactive charts that summarize strategic goals and objectives. Additionally, they can track indicators year-over-year to identify trends and affect positive change.